Workwear. Made in Germany. Loved overseas.

A dash of haute couture

Dancing chef stands for workwear garment with respect for the chef and the gastronomy. The whole assortment is produced in Germany and fabricated with great attention to detail.


In spring 2007 Harriet Deris launched the label dancing chef, the worldwide first collection of work clothes for the female chef.

Her career as a chef took her to the furthest reaches of the globe and nowhere did she manage to find stylish and fitting workwear. This was what she set out to change with dancing chef: her designs and her careful selection of materials stand for chic and comfort as well as for sturdy and low-maintenance convenience.

Gastronauts, as Harriet Deris fondly names the tough boys and girls working in the industry, are working 70 to 80 hours a week; feeling comfortable and at ease in your clothing is absolutely critical.

  Gastronomy has undergone some fundamental changes over the last years. The presentation of meals has shifted to a visual adventure: The focus is not limited to the taste but is an all encompassing experience for all of our senses.

 In autumn 2007 Harriet Deris broadend her collection: The female service personnel now has the chance to change ill fitting blazers for  respectable corsages and float between the tables like an elf in the skirt ‚Kutsche’.  

Also for the male workmates Deris designed a choice of chef jackets, particularly suitable for those working in show kitchens and banquettes - especially at events where the craftsman and artist gets the symbiosis of seductive flavour, taste and aesthetics across to the guests.
In early summer 2008 she amended the dancing chef collection with a sommelier apron, a cap and more jackets for the dance at the stove.  

Further to her own collection Harriet Deris distributes apparel concepts for yachts, the retail industry and chain stores.