Exklusive Qualität aus dem Land des Fräuleinwunders und des Spargels.

2012/09 Chefsache, Cologne

Finally there is an exposition just for chefs! Dancing-Chef will present dancers and gymnasts wearing the cooking clothes, pics and video soon!


The machines are clattering, the photographer is premonished: there will be new clothing for you soon!


www.artcuit.com comes with taste for the palate and your eyes. JJ Kreindl is wearing the service-collection and Nic Aklin cooks in the jacket ´Herdset´.

April 2012 Suisse Gastro Mag ´Hotel Revue´



I have been doing heaps of overtime in Germany. No time for dancing chef. Will not happen again...


I spent my time on the ocean.
Monaco, Istanbul, Cannes, Croatia & at anchor. With beautiful sights, lots of work at the stove and in my cooking dress ´Ein Quantum Toast´, which was giving my guests the required appetite and the co-workers a twinkle in the eye.

2009/04: Fizzz, Article in gastronomic scene mag

Gastro Fashion

2009/02: Suisse Gastro Magazine 'Hotel Revue'


2009/02: Sonntag Aktuell

Local Sunday paper

2009/02: Badische Neueste Nachrichten

German local paper

2009/02: Cosmopolitan


2008/11: GASTRO Austrian trade magazin


2008/10: Berlin city guide


2008/10: Fresh ingredients

Soon we will pamper you with new ingredients, there will be various surprises: For example a knife bag 'Vehicle for the Cooking Star', which emerged from the collaboration with the Oelberger Taschenmanufaktur. Furthermore the female chefs will have their trousers back- with a new face, consistent with the mens pantaloon Schrein. The male chefs among you may look forward to the jacket Studio, you have been waiting long enough. We would like to celebrate these news with a vinaceous reference: Vineyard Laus, available via vinos-de-penedes
link to shop

2008/09: article by kochmuetzen.net


2008/09: Article at German magazine "Gastronomie-Report"


2008/09: article by kochmuetzen.net

News ~ Openpr.de

2008/08: Re-design of all dancing pages

Thanks to Torsten, the page master: His dedication, diligence and his sparking ideas gave the silly season a new taste. Great work there!

2008/05: Shooting for the new collection (pics from site of crime)

2008/06: burda - fashion mag


2008/05: New colection

You might be thrilled by the new spring arrivals for sommeliers and chefs! Coming soon...

2008/05: To all BBQ lovers out there:

The fellows from kochmuetzen.net host a big recipe contest, hot prices included!
Big recipe contest at kochmuetzen.net

2008/05: Article in German Rhein-Neckar magazine "meier"

MEIER-special: fashion

2008/05: Article in German paper "Badische Neueste Nachrichten"


2008/04: FIZZZ; Article in gastronomic scene mag


2008/04: Story in german newspaper "Berliner Zeitung"

Article "Das perfekte Dinner"

2008/03: Article in German art paper "Die Kunstzeitung"


2008/02: DW TV

Story in TV feature euromaxx-Lifestyle Europe
(18.02.2008, 20:30)

2008/01: Movie shots for German TV feature "Cafe Trend"

Special thanks go to Katharina Bernhardt (MDR) for her imaginativeness and her pleasant kernel, to the team of La vie en rose in Heidelberg, to Annett not only for the bockwurst and to Haensel for his cleaning hormones.

2008/01: Shooting for the new collection (pics from site of crime)
2007/11: Article "Huebscher Kochen" at German magazine "DB mobil"


2007/11: New article at German magazine "Gastronomie-Report"


2007/07: New collection

You may be anxious to check on the new collections for male chefs and the dolly bird in servicing! The presentation will start in late summer 2007.

2007/07: Sweepstake at German magazine "Gastronomie-Report"


2007/07: Article at "The Crew Report"

link (page 37)

2007/04: Article at the-triton.com


2007/03Watch out there, girls!

We finally have something nice and handy to wear in the kitchen!
Try the jackets, they will make you feel comfortable and feminine get your hands on the dress, gosh, it really is sexy and cushy give the trousers a go, not only in the kitchen and at last, you got to put this apron on, you have never felt that agile, I promise!